Startups have different priorities from usual companies and that is why we offer you a modified Nearshoring model

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With us, you can turn your ideas into reality

For Startups

It is the right option for you, if you are a Startup company and want to fasten and optimize your Software Development


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For Startup Investors

It is the right option for you, if you are a Startup investor and want to have more control on your Startups spending on Software Development


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Most frequent questions and answers

The permanent employment of a Software Engineer brings massive costs, especially in short-term and mid-term projects.

With us, you can change the size of your team whenever you want based on your needs as they arise.

First, we will analyze your business needs together in order to find the best and most suitable solution for you.

We will consult you on technical questions, as well as business strategy related to nearshoring.

Multiple job interviews will be conducted in order to find the best fit.

You also have the option to take part in the member selection.